Drone Photography

Drone Photography

TechSec Media are leading drone photography experts in Bristol and the South West. Our Drone photograph business serves the local community, the military, investors, businesses, and places of education. A drone for aerial photography can be used to take accurate images of land, buildings, or events. Photographs taken by drones are a far cry from aerial photographs of yesteryear taken from helicopters or light aircrafts.

drone photographyTechSec Media : Professional Drone Photography at Its Best

Using a drone for photography is a relatively recent concept. But one that is gaining popularity on a daily basis. Drones are for sale everywhere. You can find affordable drones for children, for amateurs, and for professionals. One important point to remember however is that to fly a drone yourself you will need a license and be required to abide by stringent laws. With one known case already of a drone crashing into a British Airways Plane, it is easy to see why you should leave your drone photography to the experts TechSec Media.

TechSec Media have been working as digital media experts in Bristol for many years, our expertise in standard photography now having extended and expanded to drone imagery. We pride ourselves on being a reputable drone photography business, providing only the highest standards and quality of imagery and photography. Aerial photographs have taken on a whole new meaning since drones became affordable. The crisp clarity or our images is something you could never hope to achieve with a small drone you purchased in a high street store.

Drone aerial photography is used by all people from all walks of life. Our current portfolio of clients includes schools and college, local businesses, the military, and individuals from the local community. Whether you are in search of aerial drone photography for your new business, for photographing a family event, or for planning the construction of your new home, we have the bespoke service to suit you.

Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer you. From standard photography, to aerial filming and drone photography, we can create a tailor-made package to suit you and your needs.